Friday, February 06, 2015

Removing single entries from the index in MS Word [Solved]

If you are a writer like me, you might have made the horrendous mistake of marking a common short word as an "index entry" and struggled for hours deleting them. Common words like YOU or LIFE makes no sense in a fiction work; or SEA/OCEAN in a marine biology science textbook. The only way to delete these entries is to go individual entries and delete them, including the braces, as per MS Office support. Here let me share a work around.

  1. Make sure all marks are shown (Ctrl+*) in the word. 
  2. Bring "Find & Replace" dialogue (Ctrl+H)
  3. in the Find What? box, add the term with ^d XE prefix. For example, the term you want to remove is "sea", find term would be ^d XE "sea". 
  4. Leave "Replace with" box as it is.
  5. Click "Replace All" radio button, and hurray, you are done!

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