Tuesday, April 05, 2016

How to fix Philips GoGear MIX 4GB "Memory is full! Connect to PC and delete some content" issue? SOLVED

1. Install Philips GoGear Device Manager (Which is available inside your GoGear drive, use explorer to locate and then install)

In case the device manager do not open, try other, older computer (I had this issue)

2. Second tab of device manager, repair, has all instructions. In summary, connect or re-connect GoGear in OFF position, while pressing and holding volume up key. It says + key, while no such key can be found, it is just volume up key .

3. The MIX will now start recovering/firmware updation

4. You may need to reformat the drive before you can use it; reformat it from windows explorer like how you reformat USB pen drives.

Now try syncing!


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