Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Logical reasoning questions in UGC NET: Urgently Needs Improvement!

UGC-NET syllabus for General paper Logical Reasoning is quite vast (Verbal analogies for e.g.) and ambiguous (Applied analogy). Evaluating logical validity of statements and arguments can be attempted and can be solved using Venn Diagrams and rule of elimination. Questions on Venn diagrams itself is very elementary and is a sure give away, so go and attempt it. 

Questions asking for definition or true/false of statements can get very tricky and ambiguous. For e.g. the statement "A cogent argument must be inductively strong." asked in 2012 UGC-NET is in fact true, while the answer key identifies it as false. Questions from this section are seemingly being prepared by a group who refer some unheard of books -presumably authored in-house and flimsy. Compare with Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections of GRE; no-nonsense straightforward and non-ambiguous;it's high time for UGC question setters to remove ambiguity from the test.

Bottom line: Attempt questions that you are very sure of. Questions based on Venn diagrams are very elementary and candidates should definitely attempt those. Never attempt tricky questions asking for definition/declare "true or false" of some definitions etc.

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