Sunday, July 30, 2006

Why I want to be a cat in my next birth?

When people who believe in life after death asks me who I want to be in my next life, I say cat. Why?

Because cats, they are the beings I love most in this life. Refer to my home to know why I am a feline aficionado.

Yes, I want to be a cat.

Because I love to be dynamic in my life. I always love the dynamicity, the change in me, try different things and to adapt with the reason why I changed. Being a cat would be just amazing, Changing into an altogether different perspective, an identity matchless to the material universe defined by human. Playful with anything I like, arrogant to the everything I hate, forgetting what has happened and possessing no grudge, adapting to an altogether different environment, play the prey before it's death or consumption, play the life to it is fullest...that is a cat, the most wonderful being on this planet. Cats, they are the model beings for the 'neutrality' as per the human perception are concerned.

Do I think being faithful matters much? NO, rules of nature are something else, hence dogs aren't my favorite.

Yes, I want to be a cat.

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rocksea said...

but you like it doggy rt? or do you say catty?!