Wednesday, October 18, 2006

TUV, Streaming Broadband to the commercial Channels

I have been living in Japan for almost 1 and half years. Out of my great interest to access some english TV channels that I used to watch back in IIT-B, I did try all means. Inquiring at a local satellite TV vendor made me understand having access to all those channels at home TV is not a cakewalk. I gotta spend minimum 20,000 yen a month to access this list of english channels:

CNN, CNN Pipeline, ABC, FOX, Star world, Animal planet, Cartoon network,Channel V, MTV, AXN, ESPN, Comedy central and HBO

I then tried internet to access the low quality video stream, only ABC's stream that I could able to access (other than 100s of school/indie channels that are available here.). BBC still provide news roundup free of charge though video quality is so egregious. ABC has stopped streams for international users some 4 months ago, now that NONE of the above channels available through internet, until 2 weeks ago, when this application called TVU launched.

Download it here, unzip, install and have fun watching all of the above mentioned channels and more. If you are a cricket fan like me, there is a dedicated CHANNEL CRICKET too, ALL FREE! There is a dedicated channel for Hollywood movies too, though subtitles are of Chinese. (Double click on the video panel to see it full screen mode)


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