Friday, July 07, 2006

Taepodong and me

Now that North Korea finally did it, irking the powerful nations. I have always been a pacifist but I find no reason why to condemn the test done by the North Korea a day ago. North Korea is after all a republic with all the powers of a free state and the decisions are ultimatum of that republic. The missile is obviously part of a future offensive, but I couldn’t digest it why powerful nations only have to possess the arms. US or Japan have no moral or ethical right to speak a word against this latest missile testing of the North Koreans unless they disarm all nuclear and chemical weaponry in possession. They indeed have the right to impose economic sanctions, and I believe that in that case Pyongyang must have been well prepared to phase it prior to the decision of missile testing was taken. And I am in favour of such sanctions if any, that might limit their further proliferation of arms.

Yesterday in the BBC webcast(full transcript here), I saw the reaction of president Putin to the question concerning this matter. He don't believe the North Koreans have the technology for intercontinental ballistic missiles. I have been hearing this, equivocal statements from state heads all these days. Things get unclouded when they make decisions or deeds. I found it hilarious when the Russian media person read out a question asking Putin, when did he lose his virginity. He said the day was hazy but he could remember to the exact minute when he had it last time! BBC dare not to ask him questions like this as their archaic censorship does NO GOOD!

Back to the missile, my point here is that even if they have the right technology, developed indigenously or acquired illegally, it is their absolute right to possess and use it in this volatile world. But analyzing further in to this matter, I disagree with everybody who possess weapon of mass destruction as I dream of a pacifist world!

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