Monday, July 03, 2006

Asia Union 2006

I spent the last weekend (1st and 2nd of July) with Japanese students of Kochi university in the so called 'Asia Union'. When I got a call from Miss Ai masuyama requesting me to participate and give my talk, I commented that the very title 'Asia Union' invites location based prejudice that shouldnt be done in a university campus. Obviously she didn't listen, hence the banner remained AU when I arrived. Well, KU has so little foreign students if any from out of Asia , yet I have friends who are from Kenya, Chile and Poland with in this university. That was the exact reason why I strongly suggested her to consider renaming.

It was fun, being with teen japanese in the venue. Almost all were girls aged 18-22, and the organization was funny. I did try my usual culinary skills, with the so called 'Indian Pork Curry' and few really enjoyed it (believe me!). AU is more like booze party and watching soccer in the big TV in a group of some 30 people (but alas, brazil lost it and sweet, portugal made it). I talked about my IITB friends: Haison, Joseph and Vijayan to give a portrait of the real life in a typical Indian University set-up. PPT is accessible at my home page.

There I met this lady, whose father is an Egyptian. Wow, the first person I ever met with the real blood of Egypt. Well she IS attractive too:-) and the rest of night, I spent with AiChan, the coolest among all participants ;-) >>>>>>>>

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